Now in yummy caramel flavour!

Sunday, October 31, 2004


Found some rather smashing drinks at my local supermarket the other day. As well as being very tasty, the company that makes them is completely barking mad!

They're called Innocent Drinks and they make smoothies as well, in fact I am led to believe that's how the company started. It's good to see a company who don't take themselves to seriously, they remind me of Think Geek a little bit - same dodgy sense of humour!

Here's a snippet from the FAQ page at Innocent Drinks:
Where did I put my keys?
They're behind your commemorative Wedgwood Queen Mother ornament.

How are babies made?
When Mummy and Daddy have special hugs, Mummy sometimes whispers a magic word to Daddy. When Daddy hears the magic word, he feels very happy and in a few seconds they will have ordered a baby, a bit like shopping on the internet.

May your juices flow forever, Innocent!