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Monday, September 11, 2006

Houston... we have a problem 

After being in rented accomodation since February, we finally found the house we wanted. Huge double garage, ample off-road parking, four generous bedrooms and a room downstairs where I could work. In a word - perfect.

Shortly afterwards, hubby got offered a job in Texas, so things started to get a little interesting for a time until we found out that it's probably going to be 12 months down the line before this becomes viable - if at all.

So, the house continued to go ahead after a short delay and all the signs were good. The owner, so we were told, was so desparate to move that she was willing to go into rented accomodation herself. Every couple of weeks we got encouraging vibes from the agent that the vendor was still in a hurry and could we get a move on!

That was until today.

Words cannot describe my (mixed) feelings when I took the call from the agent. It seems that there is a completely polar attitude from the vendor now. She doesn't want to go into rental and as she can't find a property in the area she wants to move to she's taken the house off the market again, literally weeks before completion!

So... who knows, we may be going to Houston after all and a lot sooner than first thought.
I'm so gutted, I had so many plans in my head and I was so close to getting a permanent place to work. I had it all sorted, at least in theory.

Excuse me while I go away and sulk.