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Monday, December 29, 2003

Too much fun
Well I've been messing with Photoshop again. This time I had a go at creating some 88x31 banner buttons. Have a look at the ones on the right. I'll be adding more as I make them :)

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Return of the King

Well, it turned out, we had the best seats in the house! Right in the middle with a row of 4 seats in front - empty :) I'll not spoilt it for you by giving you a blow by blow account, only to comment that the fights were epic in every sense of the word and I thought the ending could have been edited better. I'll probably go and see it again, if not only for the fact that it's so long that you just don't take it in first time around.


Thursday, December 18, 2003

Feel Good Days
I love 'Feel Good' days, don't you? You don't get them that often, but they are good for the soul.
I was buying for a Christmas gift for my mum from a Chinese lady selling Oriental clothing, bags jewellery etc etc. Anyway, I purchased the goods and as I was walking away the lady gave me a coloured fish keyring, saying"I saw you looking at those" (I wasn't, but that's besides the point). Now, that in itself was a spotaneous and lovely gesture, but the fish is a very auspicious symbol in the East, If I recall correctly, it represents wealth and good fortune.
Actually it's going to be a good day, I'm out for a meal later and then on the see the third and final installment of The Lord of the Rings, (The Return of the King).

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Never work with animals!
My cat is clearly an angel by comparison

sailoreagle I was chasing a cat :p
Synapse rofl
Continuity lol
Continuity did you get him/her?
Synapse are you normally that sadistic towards animals?
sailoreagle yup. got 'im and tossed 'im out.
sailoreagle and I'm NOT sadistic towards animals
sailoreagle he attacked the christmas tree!
Synapse lol
sailoreagle and ran off with three baubles and a bit of tinsel
Synapse It was *his* toy :)
sailoreagle chased him round half the house before I caught him...
Sephiroth hehe
Continuity LOL

Sephiroth my cat is tortured, but well she deserves it
Sephiroth she tortures me constantly and scratches worse than any cat. she has 7 claws on each front paw
Sephiroth and uses her claws as hands too
Continuity Synapse: not animals ;)
sailoreagle o.O
Continuity she what?
Continuity can she juggle?
Sephiroth she gets into all sorts of stuff because she knows she can get into stuff even normal cats can't
Continuity lol, superkitty
Sephiroth she also has a fascination with dumping stuff in my toilet
sailoreagle lol
Sephiroth she carries it in her paws and dumps it in the hair scrunchies and stuff
sailoreagle poor you
Sephiroth sooOOOoo annoying
Sephiroth not fun to reach my hand in there.
Sephiroth now if only i could get her to go in the would be easier
Choice moments from the #bMotion channel
Serena is a bot running bMotion scripting. Sometimes she comes out with absolute gems. Here are a few:

[00:20] * Sephiroth has joined #enigma
[00:20] Serena Sephiroth you're looking especially shagworthy today
[00:20] Sephiroth yeah i thought so too
[00:21] Sephiroth *snicker*
[21:54] Synapse Serena make Continuity a sandwich
[21:54] * Serena waves her magic wand
[21:55] Remmy Serena, do my dishes please!
[21:55] Serena *PING* ... Continuity is a sandwich
[21:55] Serena I AM THE WIZARD*#%$@~^$$$
[22:54] Serena Look over there!
[22:56] Synapse Where?
[22:56] Serena behind the fridge
[22:57] Synapse What's there?
[22:57] Serena cheese
[22:57] Synapse Shouldn't it be *in* the fridge?
[22:57] Serena Perhaps.
[23:49] * Synapse sneezes
[23:49] Serena ewwww
[23:49] Serena *wipe*
[23:49] Synapse thank you Serena
[23:49] Serena np
[17:39] * Synapse hands Serena a coffee
[17:39] Serena cheers
[17:39] Synapse np :)
[17:39] Serena mmmmm...
[17:39] * Serena drinks the coffee ;)
[17:40] * Serena finishes the coffee
[17:40] Serena Mmmm... thanks :)
[17:40] Synapse you're welcome :)
[18:16] * Synapse hands Serena a box of tissues
[18:16] Serena ta
[18:16] * Serena locks herself in the bathroom
[18:18] Serena UNF *squeaky* *boing* *squirt*
[18:18] * Serena finishes using the tissues
[18:22] * Synapse sneezes on Serena
[18:22] * Serena hands synapse a tissue
[18:22] Synapse Ah that's better :)
[18:22] Synapse thank you Serena
[18:22] Serena no biggie

Friday, December 12, 2003

Christmas is looming
And what better than the best parody in the world ever to get you in the mood for Christmas!?!
Walking Around in Women's Underwear
What O/S are you?

Which OS are You?
Will work for bandwidth
In a last ditch attempt to get a connection before admitting defeat and calling my ISP, I decided to have a play with the broadcast channels on the router - and so far it seems to be holding. We'll see how the next few days fair.
It died
Now I have no connection. What is going on? *Sigh* looks like another call to tech support which I am not looking forward to. I've only (??) called them half a dozen times, and I know from experience that an average wait on hold is about 45mins. Last ime was a record, from dialing the number to putting the phone down I think the call lasted one and a half hours!! They've even had the cheek to take the support forum off line. Between you and me, I think they've done that because they get so many complaints that it looks bad. Could I go to another ISP? Well not really, cos they cabled our house and I'm not about to have that ripped out. I wait to see if the situation has been resolved this evening - but I'm not holding my breath.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Ping! You're out!
Seems my run of good luck with my internet connection ran out tonight. If I'm lucky enough to connect I can stay on line for....ooh.... all of 3 minutes. :(
(In case you are wondering, I'm on another PC). Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be my DNS, ironically, cos that would be easy to fix. It's just as well I can update this blog from the internet and I'm not tied to my PC. Funny, you always want (to use) something when you can't have it. I feel so lost without my own PC.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Fun with Photography

Look at more of the amazing photography of Matt Stuart, as he snaps on the streets of London
80s Music Quiz
Own up now, how many can you complete?

Kinda Odd
Makes you wonder what was going through the artist's mind when he sketched these
Welcome to the mad house!
It has been an education in disaster management at work over the past couple of days. Two days ago I arranged for some diagnostic equipment to be couriered over to our field engineers for Tuesday morning. I found out on Tuesday after several phone calls to the courier, that the parcel had been refused - probably by some daft receptionist. Grrrr. So, OK, irritating, but not the end of the world, I arrange for the parcels to be delivered again this morning.
At 11am I ring the engineers to check, and guess what? Yup, no parcels again. Another string of phone calls to the courier revealed that the parcel was yet to go on the wagon for delivery. WTF? I'm still waiting to see if the parcels arrive, or if they get refused yet again.

Imaging laptops - should be a simple enough proceedure. Either cloned from another hard drive or taken from a CD. We were expecting a drive, but a CD turned up instead. *Shrug*, oh well, not what we were expecting, but not really an issue. That is until I actually tried to use it and found out is wasn't a bootable image. Again, not terminal, we've got "Ghost Boot Disks" here. Now that's fine if the image is a "Ghost" image, but, yep you've guessed it, it wasn't. It was an "Drive Image" image. We don't have boot disks for "Drive Image" because we don't use it! Several phone calls later we create a boot disk and away we go. The image takes roughly 1hour to copy, that's x2 laptops and the first attempt failed!
I've just FDISKed the drive and I'm attempting the whole process all over again, but I'm running out of time. To make matters worse, (or interesting, depending on how you look at it) the only other member of the department is going on a half-day leave as of 1pm leaving me to manage HelpDesk, repairs and despatch!
I feel more grey hairs coming!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Something stupid
This will be the last from me today (hopefully), so here's something to put you in the Christmas spirit!

Getting it down!
I know from past experience that me and blogs don't get on too well. This is because by the time I come to write my missive, all the crazy things that have happened during the day have been forgotten. Fear not! I have found a remedy which should work very well. I've dug out my old dictaphone. Now when inspiration strikes, I can just push the record button and away I go!
Finishing Touches
Whilst I get this blogger up and running properly please see temporary pages:
My old weblog is here: Old Blog
My old guestbook is here: Old Guestbook

Monday, December 08, 2003

Deja Vu!
This is the new style blog. As you can see, it's a little more interesting than the last one! It isn't exactly as I would have liked, but then I am close to useless with CSS!