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Monday, November 29, 2004

Cat Basket 

It's official - my cat is "barking"!

He's found himself a new playpen! This weekend he's taken to jumping into the laundry basket, sharpening his claws on the wicker from the inside and then jumping out again. And, yes it's not an optical illusion, he really is "that big"!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Subliminals [WK 95] 

  1. Limited time only::Offers
  2. Voluptuous::Cleavage
  3. Nutritionist::White coat
  4. Belt::Buckle
  5. Star crossed::Lovers
  6. Snakeskin::Leather
  7. Athlete’s foot::Itch
  8. Boom::Shake the room!
  9. Freezer::Section
  10. Store hours::Convenience
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    Empowering the people? 

    I don't know about you, but I find the idea of the commercially available Philips Defibrillator slightly disturbing.

    OK, I don't doubt that they can save lives, but giving the ability of delivering shock treatment to the unqualified general public? Just seems kinda wrong to me. But then again, Taser EMD weapons are legal in the US, aren't they?
    Video of it in action
    Yours, for a mere $1,995.00

    Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    My former hosting provider lowers the bar 

    I can't believe they are spamming me!


    Are you currently happy with your current hosting solution? Do you get the level of customer service you deserve? Tired of bandwith charges, poor performance, downtime email outages? Why not give the hosting industry]s leader a try?

    Let me be your resource for everything internet. As your personal internet business consultant you can count on me to give you the best solutions for your business or personal internet needs.

    Give me a call, lets discuss your options.

    Windows 2003 plans now available, please call for more information.
    How crass is that?

    Be afraid... be very afraid 

    This man is currently the Governor of California
    Arnie stars in a Japanese commercial
    One day, he may be president.
    Arnie scares me

    Aren't you just slightly worried about that possibility?

    Create your own spam 

    As if there wasn't enough rubbish being delivered into our inboxes... this handy piece of software produces "spam-like" nonsense like this.

    Useful to webbies who want to make mock-ups but are sick of using 'Lorem Ipsum' for a filler and want something a little more "entertaining".

    "Dear me, one slattern mallard judiciously congratulated inside this fresh llama!"

    Google gets sued for 'peepshow' 

    A web site that sells photos of naked women is suing Google Inc., alleging that the online search engine leader is destroying its business by distributing links and passwords that provide free glimpses of the nude models.

    Beverly Hills-based Perfect 10 Inc. is seeking unspecified damages from Mountain View-based Google for alleged copyright infringement.

    Full story here

    Personally, I don't think Perfect 10 Inc. have a leg to stand on, but heh, that's just me!

    GnomeMeeting killed my PC 

    About a week ago, I tried to configure GnomeMeeting, to see if I could get it to work. It didn't like my sound card, so I gave up on it.
    Since then the PC had been getting slower and slower and I couldn't see a reason why.

    Then, this morning, Evolution refused to open and several windows froze. Thankfully I still had the mouse, so I xkilled* everything in sight! (*Lovely program, almost makes you look forward to the odd freeze!)

    Even after all that it was still grinding to a halt. I got as close to a BSOD as I think Linux is capable of getting.
    Eventually I managed to log off and to my surprise I found 3 (yes, 3) copies of GnomeMeeting running in the background! No wonder I was having so much trouble.

    Finally, everything seems to be back to normal now.
    (Note to self: Consign GnomeMeeting to /dev/null)

    All change! 

    Ok, I know the banner has lasted less than two months, but after I created it, I made lots of buttons and stuff and then wanted to match it up with the buttons. Anyway, it's my blog and I'll change it as often as I please!

    I think... therefor, I forget 

    Recently I've been wanting to find my dictaphone again. I haven't been using it recently to blog, but I've been thinking I could do with it again. Can I find it? What do you think?
    I'm a bit annoyed at myself for losing it as, not only was it a blogging tool, it also served as my "poor man's SatNav".

    If you happen to come across it - drop me an email to let me know where it is, would you? Ta!


    Monday, November 22, 2004


    Thanks to the wonders of DHTML, Lemmings has returned to grace our screens once more!

    Click here

    Malicious individuals attempt to phish Linux 

    A security bulletin circulated on the Internet late Friday and warned Linux users of a "critical-critical" security hole that could compromise systems and allow root access to a remote attacker. The message and its "patch" were the return of a phishing hoax aimed at Linux users.

    Full story here


    Sunday, November 21, 2004

    Subliminals [WK 94] 

    1. Reconnect::Server
    2. Gearshift::Redshift
    3. Mania::The Beetles
    4. Manhattan::Skyline
    5. First date::Kiss
    6. District::Attorney
    7. Yearbook::Pictures
    8. Breakup::Merge
    9. Episode::One
    10. Costume::Drama
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      Sounds of nature 

      Ahhh there's nothing like getting up in the morning and checking your emails to the sound of two cats "making out" underneath your study window! *rolls eyes*

      Saturday, November 20, 2004

      Mindless amusement 

      OK here's what you do:
      Here's mine:
      "One nice aspect to SCSI is that, since you can have up to seven devices on one ribbon cable, you can set up systems with a large number of CD-ROM drives."
      From: ALL-IN-ONE A+ Certification
      Ok maybe that wasn't such a great idea! LOL. It's not my fault my study is surrounded by reference books! And yes, it was the nearest book!

      I got the idea from here
      If you like, you can leave a comment and a link to your site, so we can see what book you picked up!

      Subliminals [WK 93] 

      Free association fun
      1. Childhood::memories
      2. Ransom::note
      3. Melissa::virus
      4. Trust me::I'm a doctor
      5. Report::card
      6. Give up::smoking
      7. Nightgown::underwear
      8. Smokes::cigarettes
      9. Cookies & cream::biscuits
      10. Gameshow::hosts
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        Online Manga University 

        For the creative among you, this site is just a gem! I stumbled across it, whilst looking for something unrelated (this is normal). It does "exactly what it says on the tin!"
        There's tutorials, an online classroom and chatroom, amongst other things.
        Seeing is believing, as they say. A lot of the site is still under construction, but it's still a wonderful resource.

        Online Manga University

        Thursday, November 18, 2004


        You know... I could probably write a semi-entertaining post about how crap the weather has been today. The fact that it rained...ALL day. The fact that the pedestrian crossing was under half a foot of water and that playing chicken on the central reservation was a far dryer, if not as safe, option...

        But to be honest, I'm too damn tired.
        Bed is looking very inviting right now, especially when it's so rotten outside. So... I think I'll just go and crawl into it and contemplate writing something witty or interesting tomorrow. I hope you don't mind.


        Tuesday, November 16, 2004

        Everybody needs....? 

        Apparently, in Japan you don't need a 'bosom for a pillow' you just need your girlfriend's lap, or rather a pillow shaped like your girlfriend's lap!!

        Girlfriend's Lap Pillow

        Kevin Sites - One damn fine blog 

        Now you know you are going to be in for an experience the minute you start reading. Kevin's a reporter, so you know blogging is going to come naturally to him anyway. There's something a little more special to Kevin's blog than just day-to-day musings though, because Kevin is a freelance war correspondent.

        He regularly and quite literally puts himself into the firing line and shares his experiences via a personal blog. Kevin suffers for his art. He's already been captured once and threatened with his life.

        He's currently following the US troops in Falluja and he writes about what he sees, often with accompanying pictures. This isn't the sanitised news you get on your TV. This is day-to-day living and surviving in Iraq - 'warts and all'.

        This is as close to being in the conflict as you are going to get, without actually being there. Let's hope Kevin lives to tell the full tale.

        Read about Kevin in Falluja here.

        Update: Looks like Kevin isn't impressing well on a good majority of the public, now that he has released a controversial video of a US marine. This footage has the potential to do a lot of damage. I hope he feels it's worth it.


        Monday, November 15, 2004

        Near the knuckle? 

        A warning in Blogland
        I have just come across the most amazing blog. Sadly, it seems I have found it two days too late. The latest entry may well be the last. I read it and I was in stitches or 'kinks' as my boss would say, (I'm sure it's a made-up word, but a damn fine one, so I'll plagiarise it - sorry boss!)

        For those of you who are reading this at work, the following link is most definately NOT work-safe! you have been warned!
        Man, this guy* has some balls! He's candid and even uses his real name! However he thinks he's now gone too far now and that his goose is about to be cooked by his employer.

        Not only does he mention his workplace by name, (silly boy) but he admits to the consumption of narcotics and the downloading of pr0n (yes, I've deliberately misspelt it!) onto the work PC.

        I too could write a juicy blog, if I put my mind to it, but it would involve getting a little too close to implicating work, my employer, business partners, clients, customers and suppliers and however tempting it is sometimes, it's not worth it.

        Leave the juicy blogging to those that feel they can get away with it. Frankly I'd rather keep my job, thank you.

        An Interesting Experiment 

        This will work on those plastic/cardboard - looking affairs a la "Ben & Jerry".


        Take a clean, empty yoghurt pot, and put it into a pressure cooker with 2-3 cm of water. Boil for a few minutes, using the 7 kg pressure weight. This will give a temperature a bit over 100 degrees Centigrade.
        Cool the cooker, and take out the yoghurt pot which should now have turned into a flat disc. The writing and pictures on the original pot will now be distorted around the edge of the disc - an anamorphic image.

        If you don't have a pressure cooker, you can boil the yoghurt pot vigorously in a covered pan of water. It will take longer if you do it this way, and may not change completely into a disc, since the material of the yoghurt pot seems to need a temperature of more than 100 degrees Centigrade in order to soften. However, you can add lots of salt to the water, which will raise the boiling point.

        Many yoghurt pots are made of thermoplastic, which softens when reheated. (The other type of plastic is thermosetting plastic, which resists any further heat treatment.) The yoghurt pot was originally formed by being pressed out from a sheet of plastic, and still contains stresses in the plastic from that time.

        Heating the pot allows the plastic to return to its previous shape.

        RSS - Create your own feeds 

        Now here's a funky piece of software!
        If your blog cannot create feeds for you, you can now make them yourself and the good news is, you don't have to know XML!
        It comes in three flavours - an executable for Windows, Perl for MAC OS and plain Perl format.

        Best of all it's Open Source, released under GPL licence.
        It's called an 'RSS Feed Generator' and you can obtain it here.

        Now you've got no excuse!*

        (*Since getting a feed for this blog, I have to admit, I am becoming biased to blogs that offer XML/RSS syndication and I'm sure I'm not on my own. Don't be left out!)

        Sunday, November 14, 2004

        How to tell if your cat is hungry 

        Found this pic on an eBay forum and it just made me smile

        I'm sure if Maxx was capable, he'd do this to my wallpaper too!

        Well what do you know? I could have done it myself afterall! 

        Creating Your Very Own RSS XML Feeds with ColdFusion MX

        Corporate Fun! 

        Have a little fun with your work colleagues on Monday!


        Saturday, November 13, 2004

        This syndication lark is rather cool 

        Ever gone to a blog and wondered what those odd links and buttons were: "XML", "Syndicate", "newsfeed", "RSS 2.0" etc etc? Well, I'd like to share my voyage of discovery with you, as it's really rather neat!

        So... what does RSS and syndication mean to blogging?

        In a word? It's accessability.
        Obtaining feeds from several blogs means you can keep them all together and be notified almost instantly of changes. It means you can keep up with all your favourite news sites. To authors it offers a practical way of allowing your readers to read all of their favourite feeds together, either as complete news items or as snippets. The software that allows the collecting and reading of feeds is called an aggregator. (A lot of comic strips for example, use RSS feeds). It's a very efficient way of keeping up to date with fresh content.

        You can even syndicate the weather! Weather Conditions and Forecast

        Not so long ago syndication/feeds was in the realm of the geeks. Those who could hand-code, or had access to webhosts running perl. Not so any more, as I found out for myself last night.

        Here's my aggregator:

        On the left-hand pane (1) it lists all the blogs and news sites I am subscribed to. On the right-hand pane (2) I can read one of the sites. The feeds are supplied as either snippets, or as full stories with easy links to the sites if you need to go there.

        I've learnt quite a bit about syndication over the past couple of days, how to use it, how to read it. Websites that offer codes, some that aggregate, sites that offer browser plug-ins. It's all good stuff. As more and more people learn about it and as more websites offer tools to make it as easy to impliment as 'point and click', the more you will see it around. I believe it is here to stay and that can only be for the better.



        Friday, November 12, 2004

        Dress downish 

        I'm gonna need your help here, trusty readers!

        Friday traditionally at our work place is "dress down day".
        Unfortunately, thanks to certain indivduals who can't remember what day of the week it is, (or maybe it's wishful thinking they think every day is Friday) we can now no longer wear trainers to work.

        So.... put your thinking caps on, what footwear shall I put on today with my light casual top and jeans, cos frankly, I'm stumpted!?!

        Bye bye Blizg 

        Blizg will be gone this time tomorrow. It's such a shame that the site should fall victim to spam, but that's exactly what has happened.

        I'd just like to say "Thanks guys, for all your hard work and I hope to see you rise from the ashes soon. The spammers can not be allowed to win."

        Why Blizg had to go
        Blizg will be no more

        Thursday, November 11, 2004

        Have people no respect any more? 

        I've only rented DVDs twice. This was the second time. It may well be the last.

        I was just settling down to watch one of the DVDs this evening on the PC, (just because I could, no other reason). Anyway, I was barely half an hour into the film when the software had a disagreement with said DVD and stopped playing it. Something about it being damaged. So I took it out to examine it. The software was quite right, the DVD looked like it had been trodden on, sandblasted and left out in the back garden for about a week.
        I can't believe how some individuals treat other's property. Just because it isn't theirs they seem to think it gives them licence to not only look after things poorly, but go out of their way to damage stuff.
        I'm so ticked off about this. I was really looking forward to watching it and some jerk has spoilt it for me because of their ignorance.

        Remembrance Day 

        Spare a thought for the men and women who fought and died to make the world a better place at 11am today.

        (The UK will officially observe 2 minutes silence at 11am. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.)

        Paracetemol Season 

        I hate this time of year. Pharmacists on the other hand must love it.

        This is the time of year when you feel like you have a permanent and persistant resident in your head. A time when a good majority of the population spend alternate weeks having a cold.

        It's not a cold worth complaining about either, it's barely there, but it's just annoying enough to be noticed. That thick, fuzzy feeling in your sinuses at the top of your nose and between your eyes and the slow dribble at the back of your throat (I hope you're not eating as you read this, BTW!).

        Not enough to be able to class yourself as ill or feel the need for constant medication, but just enough to get you down. You shift it just long enough for a couple of days of relief and then it comes back again like an unwanted house guest.

        Wednesday, November 10, 2004

        Signs I'm getting old #1 

        My knees are playing me up again, this morning. Just the odd twinge of pain now and again when I go to sit down, get up or walk down the stairs. Every now and then a little reminder that we do wear out eventually.

        Tuesday, November 09, 2004


        I don't watch as much TV as I ought to these days. When I mean TV I don't mean trashy soaps or banal gameshows, I mean the gritty stuff. The documentaries.

        One such documentary grabbed me last night. I only caught half of it, but it was gripping stuff.
        The documentary was about a little-known condition called Dystonia. (also known as "Spasmodic Torticollis") The word sounds almost romantic, like a imaginary, mythical, ancient country - it's anything but.

        Dystonia is crippling, it robs people of their quality of life. Severe cases cause constant torment to their victims. Most people get it without warning.
        It does seem to have some striking similarities with "Parkinson's Disease", but the symptoms are far more diverse and severe.
        Once inflicted, you have the condition for the rest of your life. There is no known cure. Invasive deep brain surgery helps some, Botox provides temporary relief for others.

        The documentary was a real "eye-opener", pardon the pun.


        Monday, November 08, 2004

        I love.... 

        Watching my cat chasing flies, moths and insects around the house. He makes excited chirping and clicking noises and has a curious face that you don't normally see. He loves chasing things. I can watch him for hours.

        Make my day, punk 

        Well my day started off so well. The postie arrived with one of the books I'd ordered and my DVD (Super quick service!). However my joy was short-lived. 15 minutes into my commute to work and the icing on my proverbial cake was about to spoil. I was merrily tanking down the duel carriageway, like I do most mornings. As I emerged from under the bridge I spotted two yellow coats standing on the pavement.

        I slowed down, fearing the worst, but it was already too late. By the time the rabbit saw the fox, the fox had already clocked the rabbit.

        Yup, I got nicked and I can't even bitch about it. I was caught fair and square. I may well have been doing 61mph on the dual carriage way, (60mph being the usual speed for a dual-carriageway) but, it was pointed out to me that there is a big whacking sign just before the bridge informing me of the 40mph speed restriction. Doesn't make me feel any better about it mind.

        I can't even bitch about the officers. They were perfectly civil and weren't at all smarmy about it. Though I did look at the bloke booking me a little strangely when he chirped, "Don't worry about it, it's only a fixed penalty." Only a fixed penalty, like that's going to make me feel better? Is it going to make me whistle a happy tune for the remainder of the journey? No. So don't say something so stupid! It may only be a fixed penalty to you, it might even make your day, but it's ruined mine.

        And here's another oddity. Why do we feel compelled to say 'thank you' in these situations, like they're doing us a favour?
        He hands me a ticket and I say "Thank you". Am I insane?
        Human nature is the strangest thing sometimes (yes, I'm rambling now).

        It just remains for the local constabulary to lighten my wallet to the tune of £60 and autograph my licence.

        Sunday, November 07, 2004

        Where has my money gone? 

        OK, this website is officially barking in my book! Log on and you can track one of your precious bank notes to oblivion!

        Frankly once my hard earned money has left my pocket, I really couldn't give a damn who has it, but if you really care about your coffers go here.

        Decorating the tree - the modern way 

        I dispair at the youth of today sometimes, I really do. (Do I sound like a crochety old git?)
        I went into town yesterday and it was like walking into chav city. I felt like I'd walked onto a run down council estate, (I know some estates are OK and I'd like to make the distinction here).

        The icing on the cake was the walk back to the car. Some scummy vandal with no respect for other people's hard work and property had dawbed their "tag" in white spray paint over the carefully trimmed topiary trees lining the high street.

        Now, I have to listen to "Gangster Rap" these days on the radio anyway. However, giving me the living technicolour "Ghetto" experience is frankly not on.

        If I catch the little ass wipe that did it I'll grafitti them with something permanent!

        Saturday, November 06, 2004

        Celebrating the terrorist? 

        It's a strange yearly custom, "Guy Fawkes Night". We celerate a terrorist who tried to blow up parliment by the letting off of explosives and then we burn an effigy of him on top of a burning pyre. Not only that, but the night it kind of aimed towards kids! How messed up is that?

        Thursday, November 04, 2004

        Biting the dust 

        Looks like we are losing another member of the team. We are already struggling as a department, we can't afford to lose anyone and expect to keep running - sensibly. This will also impact our repair department as it means we no longer have the resources to man it. Looks like it may close afterall. Unless something is done soon it's starting to look bleak.


        Monday, November 01, 2004

        GMail be gone! 

        A repository for all your unwanted invites!
        GMail Invite Spooler

        Stupid Quiz 

        Just because, no reason!

        You are .mp3 The kids love you.  You get along with just about everybody except the music industry.  You really make yourself heard.
        Which File Extension are You?