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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Heading in the wrong direction? 

<----- I've had to replace my headset recently as it got dropped and the volume increase button stopped working, so now it's permanently stuck on "dead quiet!!".

I really wanted one of these new Razr headsets, but disappointingly, they are not available yet. ----->

Anyway, I got a new one and it arrived yesterday. It's one of these new fangled ones that runs off a single AAA battery. Great idea, but it does make it marginally heavier and it does make your ear sore if you've been wearing it for long periods with the ear piece attached too tightly. The other thing that's slightly irritating is how it handles calls.

My other headset used to "chirp" when it picked up and dropped a signal. Which was really handy if you initiated a call as you could clearly tell the other party had disconnected. This new one doesn't - it rings! It tells you when it's picked up a signal, but bizarrely no indication when the signal has been dropped.

On the plus side it works as well with Skype as the old one, now and again the odd crackle, but not enough to be an issue.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Out in the jungle 

Damn TV has been on the fritz.

Had the repair guy in to look at it tonight and he confirmed my worst fears. The "Jungle PCB" has "gone", so it's a "write-off". Can't believe it, it's only about 4 yrs old, if that.

Looks like I'll be looking at one of these after all.

Eye strain and retina burn 

It was a real "pea-souper" on the way to work this morning. Oh how I love such mornings, straining your eyes to see through the murk only to be blinded by the guy in front of you who doesn't think to turn off his fog lights whilst in close proximity to other vehicles.
Loathed second only to the idiots who insist on using fog lights in light rain, when visibility is near perfect and the glare off the wet roads only amplifies the effect.

Oh how I love the winter - bring it on!

Friday, October 14, 2005

The Pit & The Pendulum 

I've managed to swing into an overdriven studious mode all of a sudden. Reading books, participating in debate, listening to podcasts and completing on-line assignments. I feel a real buzz at the moment, which is great. I do have a goal and a little closer the time I will share it with you, I just wish I could share my enthusiasm! This is good as it's taking my mind off the current state of limbo at the moment. The house is still on the market and the move isn't happening any time soon, so this is a welcome distraction.

In other news, the skin on my arm that I scolded two weeks ago has started to peel off. I look like I have a bad case of sunburn! Ewwww!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Someone's at the door..... finally! 

Finally, someone at Universal studios has had the good sense to release the mighty "American Gothic" on DVD. 10 years old, but still as fresh as ever. Gary Cole just oozes malevolence on screen. This is not the same as the movie of the same name. I actually know nothing about the film, nor want to particularly.

Read up on "AG" here.

If you enjoyed "Needful Things" by Steven King, you will love this.
Go out and buy it - you know it makes sense! Amazon are selling region 1 here