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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Another perspective 

Here's the latest viral going around (that's "viral", not "virus", so it's safe to click*!) .
It has certainly sparked some interesting debates. It's an hour or so long, but worth it.

Watch and discuss!

*Link takes you to Google Video streaming site

Odds and sods 15.04 

Driving up the M1 motorway and spotting the innards or a Dyson vacuum cleaner on the central reservation. A truly 'wtf? moment'. How the hell did it get there and why?

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Well.... I finally got around to connecting the UPS. I was quite surprised that they only supplied 1 male>female AC lead considering the way the UPS is set up.

It has 2 UPS outlets and 2 Surge outlets. Now they are good enough to supply a 4-gang to connect to any one of these 4 outlets but that would mean all 4 appliances would either be UPS protected or surge protected.

Surely the ideal setup (well it seems logical to me anyway) is to have your two main appliances (i.e. PC and monitor) attached to the UPS outlets and everything else attached to the surge outlets.

So like I say, it suprised me that there was only one lead. Not that it was a major deal as I managed to pick another up from my local shop for £1.

Anyway, it's working*.

*Ade, I'm sorry no flashing neon LEDs for you, just a static green one. I know you're dissapointed!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Name and shame 

It's the dreaded EULA again. This time an offering from EA Games. It seems the software company will not let you play their games unless they have your personal details. Sometimes it really does pay to read the EULA.

Story here.

A cautionary tale to read the small print before clicking 'OK'
What next, I wonder?

Monday, April 03, 2006

UPS for about the price of a DVD! 

Check out this baby! It's a 450VA UPS Power Protection Unit with a 4 way extension leadfor less than £15 - yes, you read right, about a tenth of an average UPS.

I've ordered two, one for each PC because the electrics are a little unpredictable here.
I should get them mid-week and then I can laugh at the next brownout!

You can pick them up at eBuyer.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Snow joke 

The previous post was of course a half-arsed attempt at an April Fool (and not a very convincing one at that!) However, I caught my online buddy an absolute cracker at about ten after midnight on 1st April.

Here's an edit of the conversation (names have been replaced to protect the innocent and gullible!)

::Cyb:: Hey Anon, have you heard the new Alliance race has been revealed in WoW?
::Anon:: no?
::Cyb:: Yeah, they're called "Wisps" and they're supposed to be semi-copreal
::Anon:: well the Night Elves are Wisps anyway, when you die
::Cyb:: I dunno then, it's just been announced, they've been keeping it hush hush
::Cyb:: and the hoard have a new one called "blood elf"
::Anon:: this will be for the Burning Legions addon then
::Cyb:: probably
::Anon:: yeah... when i get my first character to 60... then i'll think about buying
::Cyb:: I'm being told that it is for that addon
::Anon:: yup
::Anon:: although they look like they're looking to mash up the Mage talent tree like they've been doing with others.. .so yay :) I get to pick all over again :)

::Cyb:: abilites: treeform - turn into a tree for 30secs, spirit +300 -50% dodge/parry axes
* Wulf snorts
::Cyb:: Gatherer - +10 to herbalism, mining and skinning
::Anon:: what happens if a Mage casts fireball on a tree? :P
::Anon:: burn baby burn :)
::Cyb:: answer... final racial trait - big innovation for blizzrd... detonate - destroys the wisp dispells all buffs in a radius and drains 50 mana

::Cyb:: but...
the downside is permanent death
::Wulf:: youch
::Anon:: that's a bit stupid
::Anon:: suicide a character you've been working on? nah.. no thanks
::Cyb:: it's true, look on the blizzard site
::Anon:: i'm sure it is
::Anon:: just saying
::Cyb:: ps... check today's date ;)
::Anon:: bah
::Anon:: feck off... my brain is fried as it is :P
::Wulf:: lol
::Cyb:: GOTCHA!
* Anon cries
::Anon:: snot fair!
::Anon:: i thought I was going to miss it because I was going to be sleeping
* Anon muttergrumbles
::Cyb:: Anon... take a look at the screenshots for a giggle

Saturday, April 01, 2006

New phone from Sony is quite revealing.. 

My word, technology is leaping ahead these days.
Just take the latest offering from Sony.
There's no hiding from it!

Sony are quick to point out that it's new mobile phone has lots of "legitimate" uses as well, like checking for concealed weapons.